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Twink Revolution Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

We’re joined by Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) to discuss his amazing life, the attacks against him and his marriage, Alex Morse, Aaron Coleman, the state of journalism, Brazillian politics, and his reflections on the upcoming US election and the forgotten lessons from the Bush era.

Article: The Woke Resurrection of a...

Aug 19, 2020

Oh my god! They’re eating dogs in North Korea! And they’re doing cringe at the DNC!!!!! And there’s an American version of Eurovision coming, but the dogs are probably safe there!!!!!!!!

Aug 12, 2020

We mourn the loss of a horrible gay bar in San Francisco, wade into the Alex Morse age gap hysteria, give our thoughts on Kamala as VP, and try to figure out why so many people think they know what’s going on in Belarus right now.

Aug 9, 2020

We’re joined by Esperanza Fonseca (@endclasssociety) to discuss her recent open letter that provides a left critique of the sex trade, both in the US and internationally. Esperanza provides a fascinating counter-narrative to liberal and leftist sex work discourse orthodoxy, and shares some of her own experiences and...

Aug 8, 2020

For this monster 2-hour episode, we try to unpick some of the confusing geopolitics of the recent explosion in Beirut. We’re joined by Mila Ghorayeb (@sedcontra_) to discuss the disaster itself and the international response to it. We also wade into how imperialist discourse works, whether cancel culture is real or...