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Twink Revolution Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

We’re joined by Catherine Liu (@bureaucatliu) to discuss her wonderful new book, Virtue Hoarders: The Case Against the Professional Managerial Class. We find out who the PMC are and where and why they arose. We also bag on them pretty hard.

Apr 13, 2021

We’re back, recovering from vaccine damage and plugging various Microsoft products. We discuss Peru’s surprising electoral results with a socially conservative economic populist leading the pack, France having another go at banning hijabs for children, and Twitter’s new Milque Toast Alliance.

Apr 1, 2021

We’re back in the same city and we review the misfortunes of March, globally, historically, and personally. It turns out there are cheetahs in Asia, the US invades a lot of places in March, Ted Cruz accidentally seemed reasonable when viewing ICE child cages, and we declare the pandemic over (if you want it).

Mar 21, 2021

In a slightly subdued (read: early morning) episode, we’re joined again by Ashley Frawley (@AshleyAFrawley) to reflect on what we’ve learned from the last 12 months of pandemic life, the exercise of kindly power, work from home, and the HRification of life.

Mar 16, 2021

We’re joined once again by editor River to discuss Russia’s Eurovision entry, Alexander Reid Ross’s Red-Brown alliance fantasies, The Grayzone clapping back against the anarchists, Pro-ACT and unionization efforts, and the Vatican saying the Church won’t bless same-sex unions.

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